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Document Storage

Secure, affordable and dedicated document storage for every business

Data Storage

Stop taking risks and take control of your digital and physical data today

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Secure document destruction with confidentiality and ease

Scanning Services

Effortlessly create and organise digital copies of your most critical documents

records worldwide lost or stolen since 2013

One of the largest threats facing your business is data loss and theft. An effective records management service can help prevent both.

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Complete control of your records from any location

Move, return, scan or destroy your files using our secure portal

Our clients demand versatility with no compromise on security or efficiency. So we built this secure online portal for them. Now they can manage their entire records management process in just a few clicks, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Now you can, too.

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Why Kelly's?

At Kelly’s, we’ve been managing and protecting business information on behalf of clients since 1937. It’s worth is often immeasurable and a single lost piece of information can damage an organisations reputation just as surely as it can damage its finances.

Clients trust us with over 1.25 billion documents and 100 petabytes of data because of our continued investment in facilities, staff and systems. Kelly’s going to extraordinary lengths to store and protect our client's property and assets.

We are the company that challenges, invests in staff, innovates and cares. Our charity arm, Kelly’s Charity Events, gives something back to the community by raising over £400,000 for local charities. This ensures our legacy benefits not only businesses but people in real need, too. 

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