Scan on Demand

When you need fast access to a critical file, our scan on demand service ensures we'll get it to you within two working hours. You can request the file you need via our secure online portal and our trained onsite team will locate the file, scan it and make it available to you via the portal or sent to you be secure email. This is a highly cost-efficient service that means you only pay for what you need.

Instant Access


  • Quick access to your documents anytime, anywhere
  • Request a document to be scanned on demand 24/7 via our online portal 
  • A professional onsite team who will locate and scan the file securely within one hour
  • Once scanned you can choose to destroy the file or keep the original document 
  • Detailed audit trails of every movement and transaction for full traceability 

About Kelly's

For over 80 years, we have supported large and small businesses alike by providing end-to-end data and document storage services. As one of the largest independent document management companies, our approach remains rooted in providing an exceptional customer experience. Our clients receive a fully personalised service and benefit from highly secure and resilient document storage facilities, transparent audit trails and complete compliance.

We go to extraordinary lengths to store and protect our client’s assets, continually investing in our offsite storage facilities, staff and system innovations. Once your documents and data are in our care, our secure online portal allows you complete control of your records from anywhere in the world.

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