Start the New Year with a Bang!

Is your business ready for the New Year? Question: Do you have any internal, company wide resolutions? Why would this be a good idea? Find out in this post!

Is your business ready for the New Year?

Question: Do you have any internal, company wide resolutions?


If not, it may be a good idea to implement one! Here are 3 reasons why it may be a good idea for your business to implement a company wide New Years resolution.


  • It keeps everyone on the same page

By having a company wide new years resolution (that every must buy into, might I add), it will help everyone understand the direction of the company and what should be the focus going forward to reach your defined company goals.


  • Allows you to see what everyone else in the company thinks is important

As the new years resolution is a company wide thing, it would do you well to get the thoughts of everyone in the company as to what they think the new years resolution should be and then share this with everyone else. This way, from the receptionist to the CEO, everyone gets to see what each other thinks is the direction the company should take in the coming year.

If you are running a company of a few thousands people or more, this may not be practical, but the more people you can get involved with this process, the better it will be for the resolution and the goal moving forward.

Why? because the more buy in you get, the more likely people will stick to the company's new years resolution.


  • Allows you to track progress against an important metric to the health of the company

It's a way to focus the company on what is important, but also ensures you are staying on track to achieving a goal that you have identified as being one of the most important metrics for the health of your company going forward.

As you have buy in from other members in the company, everyone is now on the same page and understands what is important to the company and can devise ways of ensuring the target is hit... together... as a company.


What else is in store for your business in the New Year?

As we have spoken about before in this, this and this blog post in the run up to the New Year, keeping a clean, spacious working environment can really help increase productivity and increase organisation as you move into the new year.


A little help...

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