New Year, New Office?

As we approach the new year, could your office do with a revamp? In this post we talk about how to achieve the perfect minimalist office for the new year

As they say: 'Out with the old, in with the new'

As we see quite regularly, a wide number of businesses are looking to clear the office as we move into the new calendar year.

As we have discussed in our previous two posts: 

Getting Organised for the New Year &

Declutter to De-stress

It is very beneficial to declutter your working environment, both for your own productivity & organisation, but also for your company too.


Another way to declutter your working environment is to opt for a minimalist office space.


A perfect minimalist office space is one that has:

  • Just the furniture that is needed
  • A lot of light coming in (both from windows and fixtures)
  • A good amount of free space
  • Clean, clutter free spaces

This is the ultimate working environment because, again as we discussed in our previous post, it helps keep the mind calm, increases organisation & therefor increases the company's productivity as a whole.


So, how can you achieve this?

Well you could just start ripping furniture out and throwing it in the skip, but it's probably not the most cost effective way to operate!

Instead, you can store your furniture offsite with a self-storage company such as Kelly's (just saying)But honestly, using a self-storage company would allow you to store your office furniture safely whilst you try the new minimalist office arrangement. If it doesn't work for your company, no problem! You can then just get your furniture redelivered back to your office in no time.


You can do other things to achieve the perfect minimalist office and work environment too, such as:

  • Keeping the office clutter free (desks, floor space, cabinets etc)
  • Have a lot of fresh air coming into the space (keeps everyone awake, which will increase productivity)
  • Allow people to take regular breaks to refresh and come back focused on the task at hand

Can you think of anymore? Let us know!


A Little Help...

If you happen to have archives laying around in the office, we would be more than happy to help you get organised heading into the new year. 

We actually have an offer on just for those looking to declutter! When you bring your archives into storage with us, we will give you 50 free boxes as a welcome gift! To find out more, just click the link below:

Kelly's Christmas Clearout


If you just want to have a general discuss about your requirements, call us on:

0800 652 0617


Thanks for reading!


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