Getting Organised for the New Year

As we are fast approaching the New Year, Kelly's Record Management have put together a top 4 list of things you can start to implement now and carry on into the new year for a successful and more productive year ahead.

What 2 things are generally at the top of the list for businesses as we approach the new year?

Increasing Organisation & Increasing Productivity... Would you agree?

So, as we are fast approaching the new year, Kelly's Record Management have put together a top 4 list of things you can start to implement now and carry on into the new year for a successful and more productive year ahead.

So, let's jump straight in. What are these 4 things?


  • Make a 'Tomorrow's To-Do List'

At the end of every single work day, get everyone in your organisation to take 5-10 minutes just before they leave the office to stop and think about the most important tasks that need to be tackled the next day in order to make progress. Write a list in order of priority. 

Having a list will help you avoid distractions through out the day. Share lists with other member of staff so people know what your priorities are and can give you the time you need to get the tasks done.

Which leads perfectly into the next point:


  • Manage Interruptions

This point is so important in ensuring your to-do list actually gets done. So create a strategy that works for you. If you have a role where checking emails in the morning is important, allocate a specific amount of time to action emails. Once this time passes, ensure to step into your block of time for doing your to-do list.

Let people know you are unavailable during this time (if possible) and, if it helps, grab a cup of coffee and get stuck in!


  • Declutter Your Desk and Office Space

In a similar vein to our previous post, which can be found here: Declutter to De-stress, keeping your working area clean and tidy has been shown to calm the mind and thus increase productivity, focus and concentration.

So look around your desk right now, what can you change right now to make your working environment more productive? Once you have cleared your desk, look around the office. What changes can be made to make the working environment more pleasant for all?


             Q. Are there boxes stacked all over the office?

             Q. Filing cabinet bursting at the seems?

             Q. Is there rubbish laying around?


Clearing all of these things will indeed increase organisation and increase your productivity. 


  • Maintaining Peace of Mind

What is the best way to maintain this new found organisation and productivity in the office?

There are a few things you can do:

1. Take a few minutes each day to ensure your desk and office is tidy. If everyone does this, it will be easy to maintain as a whole.

2. Consider storing your most important archives (that may just be cluttering up the office at this point) offsite until they are needed. This helps keep the office clutter free & also ensures a high level of security for those precious documents.

3. Before jumping into each task on the to-do list, take a few deep breaths and relax. This will actually help with cognitive clarity and help the task at hand.

...and that's it!

Will you be implementing these tips for you and your office over the Christmas period and into the New Year?


As a little helper...

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Thanks for reading.



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