Declutter to De-stress

Declutter to De-stress: 6 Proven Benefits. Psychologists have found that there are 6 key benefits to decluttering. See what they are in our latest post.

Declutter to De-stress: 6 Proven Benefits

In today’s fast paced environment, we sometimes get overwhelmed with things that don’t really support us whilst at work. Even though there are many financial and risk benefits from making sure your office is clear of paperwork/boxes, the affects it can have in other parts of your life is also beneficial.


Psychologists have found that there are 6 key benefits with regards to decluttering:

  • Decluttering creates a sense of confidence and self-efficiency – Decluttering has been found to create a sense of achievement for making the decision on whether to archive or not and then going ahead and completing it.
  • Decluttering is energising – By being in the zone of “getting things done”, this will energise you to take other productive action too.
  • Organising reduces anxiety – when things feel out of order we can feel scattered or anxious.
  • Decluttering allows 'the mind to wonder' as it involves physical activity (which is very healthy for the mind and brain) – We concentrate on hard cognitive work and by doing something different, it can allow us to break from the norm and think about other activities.
  • Decluttering can reduce office relationship tension – Inevitably, alongside the anxiety of a cluttered office space, clutter will create tension in the office when items are misfiled, misplaced or completely lost.
  • Decluttering develops creativity – By having an open space in the office, it will lead to more of an open space in the mind and can inspire creativity.

There are many ways to look at getting yourself into a better head space at work. Why not start by decluttering your desktop, then your desk and move forward from there.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life. Agreed?


Need Support Decluttering?

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