Benefits of Offsite Records Management

Offsite Records Management or Records Storage. Want to save money over the long term by an average of 30 - 50% by storing your archiving offsite? Want a safe and secure facility to store them in? In this article we explain the benefits of taking your Records Management offsite.

There are many benefits from using an offsite records management provider that stretches from financial benefits all the way to support with compliance mitigating risks and potential litigation.

In general, all effective offsite records management solutions can save you between 30-50% on cost associated with storing archives onsite, getting personnel to manage it as well as all the risks attached to that.


Any good records management solution will have:


  • Managed Access Controls

Where a central point of management will oversee who has got access to what archives being held offsite. What access restrictions are in place for each department/document type as well as what level of service request can be placed by such individual to ensure budgets are looked after as well.


  • Remote visibility of records stored offsite

Having the ability to look up any record that has been placed into storage, and the status of this record, has been key to many solutions over the years. Being able to find the client file/record you are looking for with a couple of key strokes and having it delivered to you, is where the service supports your own RM Process.


  • Retention policy

There is both a risk and cost associated with keeping any archives for longer than it is required. Having a good retention policy in place is key to make sure all expired documentation is destroyed accordingly to end the life cycle of the document.


  • Barcoding Software

If we are looking at managing any risk and ensure compliance, then audibility is the key to all records management solutions. Making sure all boxes/files are barcoded will enable your provider to provide a full audit of archive movements throughout the items life expectancy. So you can see who have accessed which document when it was time, date and user stamped for each movement. Taking care of audit trail from data of creation to destruction.


  • Security of records

If you currently store your archives in your office, who has got access to the storage cupboard or the basement? What confidential employee and customer information is present that they can see? Storing your archives offsite not only mitigates this problem and enhances the storage solution by your provider taking care of things like Flood Precautions, CCTV monitoring, Access controls, Severe weather like lightning conductors etc that can all have a positive effect on how you manage your records offsite.


All of the above will support your business and protect you against any potential risks & litigation, audits or disasters that may occur.  That is why using a reputable offsite storage provider is the way to go.

If you have any questions on how we can support you with implementing an effective offsite records management solution or want to explore moving away from your current supplier, then please don’t hesitate to get it touch.

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