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A lost tape, a hacked file, a customer data breach, why take the risk? With threats to your data growing daily, we have been adapting and developing solutions for clients to ensure their data is secure, trackable and ahead of any risk since 1937.

More time to focus on the bottom line

Without Kelly's

Without Kelly's, there are four key factors to consider when managing your media; The space you dedicate to storing it, the number of man-hours it takes to manage it, compliance and risk aversion from disasters.

With Kelly's

With Kelly's managing your records and media, you are free to focus on what's important; your people and your business.

Manage your media from any location

Retrieve, return, scan or destroy your files using our secure portal

Our clients demand versatility with no compromise on security or efficiency. Kelly’s secure online management system has been built and continually developed with each and every client. Now they can manage their entire records management process in just a few clicks, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Now you can, too.

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Secure destruction of your data assets

A compliance focussed solution for the end of the audit trail

All things must come to an end, even audit trails. This is why we developed a reliable and secure process of destruction for our customers. Authorised users can simply input the required review date for each item stored via our secure portal. Upon reaching that date a chosen Authorised Client Administrator will be automatically notified the item should be ‘reviewed’ for secure destruction. Once reviewed, order placed and securely destroyed a Certificate of Destruction is supplied to enable a complete audit trail.

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Meet your support team, with a collective experience of 40 years

Meet the friendly faces who will be your best friends in times of calm and crisis. Not only do you get a dedicated account manager, but you also gain access to their 40 years of combined experience.

Grant Hutchinson

Grant Hutchinson

Commercial Director

Joining in 1992, Grant has become an integral part of Kelly's operations and expanding client base. As an industry leader in Records Management, Grant brings a level of expertise second-to-none in the data management market.

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Chris Bazen

Chris Bazen

Business Development Manager

An enthusiastic team player, Chris lives and breathes our values and focuses on providing the best service to all of our customers. Chris strongly believes that if Kelly’s doesn't look after our customers, our competitors will.

Amelia Harvey

Amelia Harvey

Head of Operations

Milly joined Kelly’s in 2015, her role is to meet our customers needs in the most efficient way possible. Milly plays a huge part in our customers on-boarding process and has won our ‘Communicator Of The Year Award’ 2 years in a row.

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